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Dinosauria Park

The park facilities house more than 50 different species of dinosaurs, statues and robotic exhibits, on a route that travels the visitor from the present to the prehistory and the imposing world of dinosaurs. During the walk in the park the visitor will pass by the museum of fossils, the time machine, the dinosaur hospital and the special excavation sites. In addition, the visitor has the opportunity to watch augmented reality movies in the specially designed 5D Cinema but also in the simulators with VR masks.


The Age of Hercules

A magical journey into the space and time of Greek mythology. With theatrical guides and performers, but also with the help of new technology. For the first time in Crete, The 12 feats of Hercules come to life before your eyes! A specially designed space with oversized statues and impressive effects is waiting for you to discover. Get ready to travel to the era of the legend and follow the hero Hercules in all his achievements. Our narrators accompany you on this journey, in which you will meet mythical creatures, you will talk to ancient gods, you will fight and play with monsters, you will have to overcome obstacles and laugh out loud!

Laughter is timeless, imagination has no age and dreams are forever!