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Science Exhibition

Science Exhibition

PLANET CRETE introduces you to its innovative interactive exhibition aiming at the knowledge, discovery and understanding of our natural phenomena. In the specially designed space more than 20 interactive exhibits have been created, with the main purpose of enabling the visitor to discover with their use and to learn the world around him.

The visitor with the interactive exhibits of the space can have a first contact with electromagnetism, understand the mechanics of liquids, learn about the application of green energy and better understand the phenomena of optics. of course, there would be no experimental workshop where only chemical experiments are carried out with specially trained staff.

A science trip with interactive exhibits!
Grab the opportunity to experiment, explore and play … learning!

Turn the levers so that the Ferrofluid disc and the magnet get closer. Changed the distance between them and enjoyed the impressive formations created in the liquid due to the magnetic field created!

Ferrofluid, which means ferromagnetic and liquid, is a colloidal fluid that becomes strongly magnetized when it is in a magnetic field. Ferrofluids are a homogeneous mixture containing microscopic particles of a chemical and measured in nanometers. These microparticles are coated with a specific surface so they do not join together.

Ferrofluid was invented in 1963 by Steve Papell of NASA as a liquid rocket fuel that could draw in zero gravity by applying magnetic field.

Put your finger on the glass of the ball. You notice the light rays coming to your finger. The result is really impressive!

What’s really going on?

Plasma is the fourth state of matter after solid, wet and gaseous. Although it is the most abundant form of ordinary matter in the Universe, plasma is not usually found in everyday life. Plasma occurs in the Sun, the stars, the mesothelial space, the ionosphere, the lightning. Plasma can be created in a Plasma ball by subjecting a noble gas mixture to a strong electromagnetic field. Bright plasma filaments are created and extend from one single internal electrode to the outer glass. As there is no optimum path to follow the electrical discharge, the flow strips are continuously moving and reversed. Lapping your finger on the glass creates a path that plasma filaments prefer to follow.

Did you know that lightning is an electric discharge that finds its way to Earth in a similar way?

Press the button continuously and take off your parachute with the force of the air then observe the way you land. If it sticks to the top of the tube, it helps rescue your paratrooper with the special pole

Why is his fall so slow?

Parachute is a device that limits the rate of falling a body into the atmosphere. Its function is based on the exploitation of air resistance.

It was built to be used as a rescue tool in case of danger, but it is also applied in many other cases. After 1945, parachuting was propagated as a sport, particularly in France and in Eastern <a href=””> Europe </a>.

Put the prisms in different positions and notice the change of beam path. At some points you can still place prisms and analyze a beam of light depending on the wavelength.

Reflecting we call the process where light is incident on a dividing surface between the original propagation medium and another, part of it returns to the original medium. If the surface on which the beam is struck has irregularities, the rays forming it are reflected in various directions and scatter around the space. This reflection, in which the reflected rays are no longer parallel, is called <strong> diffusion. </ Strong> When the light encounters the surface separating the medium into which it is propagated by another transparent medium in which it propagates at different speeds, a part of it is reflected and the rest of it is refracted, that is, it passes to the second medium, changing course.

We have often observed, on rainy days with a little sun, that the rainbow appears in the sky. At that time nature combines two phenomena, amusement and total reflection, and gives us the opportunity to enjoy the beauty of the effects of this combination. The light, as the <strong> behind the observer </ strong> comes, after being refracted and subjected to total reflection in the small raindrops, comes out of them and directs his eyes.

Place your left hand on the first metal palm on the dashboard and hold it firmly there. Then place your right palm in succession on all the rest and observe the amperometer reading.

Your skin and two different metals create a battery!

A battery consists of two different metals (electrodes), separated by a liquid solution (electrolyte).

The thin layer of sweat in your hands acts as an electrolyte and the metal palms act as electrodes. The electrons from your sweat move into one of the metals, then move through the circuit to the other metal and finally return to the liquid.

Just as it happens in batteries!

The indication of the current that we observe in the ammeter depends on the type of metal and the amount of electrolyte present (ie the amount of your sweat).

Try out with your friends which of you is the most efficient human battery.

Move the rope from one column to the other or try to free it.

The toy belongs to a type of mechanical puzzle, the purpose of which is to release a metal or rope from an object.
Reassembly of such a puzzle can be the same or more difficult.

Topology is a branch of mathematics and plays an important role in solving such problems. Its main idea is that some geometry problems are not dependent on the exact shape of the objects involved, but on the way they are connected to each other.

With circular movements, rotate the lever and observe the formation of water.

Any fluid that rotates in a cylindrical container creates a similar funnel at its center. This sinking looks like a cone, but it is not. It is a special shape formed by an overly open spiral. the fluid is displaced from center to periphery due to inertia. Because it is in constant rotation, the centrifugal force of inertia pushes it towards the walls. In this movement of water to the perimeter of the container, it naturally opposes its weight. That’s why when it stops spinning, it returns by filling all available space until its surface becomes flat again. When the fluid is rotated, it is in a dynamic balance between gravity and centrifuge.

The nozzle cuts woolen fabrics (flock, wool, capes, etc.). The fall of water in the bucket causes the turbines to be created, which pull the weaves into their vortex. With the friction of water, the woven fabrics “melt,” become fluffy, become fluffy and the warp with the wefts creates a body (they close the gaps between them)

How much do you weigh on the other planets of our solar system?

Going to the scales, special calculations show you how much you would weigh on every planet.

Mass is the amount of matter contained in a body and is constant on any planet if it is found. But the weight of the body is the force with which the Earth or the planet in which it is lying. On a planet with a larger mass but with the same radius as the Earth one body weighs more. On a planet of the same mass but with a larger radius of Earth one body weighs less.

After you got to the scales you can imagine that …

In Mercury, you would have had a light walk that with each footprint you would have leaped a few inches from the surface of the planet, while in Jupiter you would stick like a fridge magnet …

Turn the lever in any direction and notice how you move the drive to the remaining discs through the strap

But what happens?

Rotational movement is called the movement in which a body changes its orientation in the space the force that causes the rotational movement is called torque. Our hand transports energy to the first wheel, which wheel transfers its energy accordingly to the strap that is attached to it and the force of friction moves and the belt conveys torque, respectively, to the remaining wheels with the friction force. The direction of torque also determines the direction of movement of the wheels.

High-performance belts, with powerful drive capabilities and high standards. They have become a valuable element in all applications of modern engineering, giving functionality, technical superiority and economy.

The puzzle consists of 9 balls numbered from 1 to 8 and colored like ball balls and a white ball. The position of the white ball is in the center and the other balls are in order around the circle. move the balls by flowing from the periphery to the center in a conspicuous line by placing all the numbers by serial number and the white ball in the center.

Make your own melody by tapping either your hands or the special racquet at the mouth of the tubes.

The musical sounds we hear with our ears are nothing more than waves, pressure produced by various musical instruments and spreading in the air. The waves, in turn, are produced when a body moves pulsatingly and compresses-decompresses the air in its area. The frequency of sounds depends on the length of the column and on whether the column is closed at both ends, open at both ends or closed at one and open to the other.

Pythagoras was the first man of Ancient Greek Science to be named a philosopher. Pythagoras was the first to work systematically on the interpretation of mathematical rules of music.

With the spin of the wheels we make our own colors. Turn and match the colors of your choice and admire the color you have made with the projector.

Objects appear “colored” for many reasons:

They can <em> emit </ em> radiation of different wavelengths, <em> absorb radiation passing through them </ em> that is so altered before it reaches the observer <em> (scatter) only part of the incident radiation or a combination of all of the above.

The end result is the mixing of different frequencies and intensities per frequency and gives a sense of color.

For the creation of colors, the prosthetic procedure is characterized by the blending of light beams of the three basic colors <a href=””> red </a>, green and <a href = ””> Blank </a> from which other colors are produced, e.g. red and green rays give a yellow color, and if the rays of the three above basic colors are mixed, in equal proportions, they give color <a href=””> white </ a >. The monitors of color televisions carry thousands of dots or strips emitting these three basic colors which are combined (from the eye) as a color image.

Build with your bricks your own home. Then an earthquake triggered the switch! How true was your home?

Why is the Earth shaking and why is it sometimes shaken so devastatingly?

The upper Earth’s shell, the so-called bark, is not a single surface. Instead, it’s like a big puzzle, with about 20 large and small pieces. Each continent and each ocean corresponds to one piece. Geologists name these pieces of stone as lithospheric plates. These are not immobile, but they are constantly shaking and rubbing and colliding. These shocks and movements create earthquakes.

Earthquakes occur mainly where two plates are in contact, not the center of the plates! This is why, for example, earthquakes are not very frequent in Germany, while the Ionian Sea is on the contrary. It is the point that unites the Eurasian Plaque with the African! That’s why earthquakes are also happening in Japan: It is precisely within the boundaries of its plaque with that of the Pacific!

Place a ball on the ramp and let it roll. Do the same with different balls and different heights. Observe what happens to soft clay at a time when the ball falls on it.

In the position with the highest height, the ball has a Dynamic Energy greater than the lowest height position. The ball executing accelerated motion gradually converts Dynamic Energy into Kinetics. Just before the ball touches the clay, all its dynamic energy has turned into a kinetic. That is, the ball that started from the higher heights will reach the clay at higher speed and the footprint that it will leave on the clay will be larger.

Willem Gravesande (1688-1742) was a Dutch physicist, mathematician, lawyer and philosopher. In 1720, he conducted this experiment by drawing out important conclusions. So he corrected Newton’s formula E = mv to E = mv² and thus synthesized the first version of Energy Conservation.

Shake the plastic surface that holds the water to cause a disorder. Then he climbed the plastic surface down to leave the water to the beach. Once you created a tsunami !!

Tsunami, unlike normal waves, is not caused by the wind. Most tsunamis are created by earthquakes in the oceans, by landslides in the sea and by sea volcanoes. As is logical, most tsunamis are created in areas where the lithospheric plaques have intense activity. But they can happen anywhere, even in the Mediterranean.

So if one day you are at the beach and you get an earthquake and see the sea be pulled in, you go quickly to a high point! But do not think the tsunami is like in the movies, tens of feet high! It may be just one meter tall, but its momentum sweep all of it.

Turn the lever to make the rectangular water container circular. Observe the formation formed in the water. Spread the water in two with the help of centrifugal force!

When a force compels a body movable in a circular path rather than straight, to turn i.e. continuously, it brings the sense that the inertia force is … is the apparent power, or “pseudo” is that we call centrifuge. The actual force exerted on the body and puts it in circular motion is the centripetal. The centripetal force is pointing towards the center of the circle, while the centrifuge appearing has a direction from the center of the circle to the outside, leaving the center of the circle.

You are in the amusement park with your friends and you have gone to the train. 5,4,3,2,1 …. the train starts !!! Speed ​​up, but you as fearless as you are, keep laughing and teasing. Suddenly, the train turns a steep turn and continues to move cyclically. Was the laugh cut now? “Ouch! who pulls me out? I will fall! “(You are wondering, within you of course) Does any invisible force? Some “false-power”? Exactly! It is this power that leaves the center … the Centrifuge !!

He removed the magnet hanging over the magnets placed in a circular path from its position. Can you predict how it will move and what will it end up? Now, you can change the position of the lower magnets in whatever way you want and observe the new movement !!

What is happening in reality?

When the magnet hanging is removed from its original position and left, it moves with the effect of gravity and the fading between the magnets. The move he makes is chaotic, that is, he can not be predicted accurately. While it can start from very close starting points, it can end up in completely different positions.

Chaotic behavior can be observed in many physical systems, such as weather, atmosphere, solar system, tectonic plates, economic systems and population evolution.

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